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MMCX-KE 180° Micro-Miniature Coaxial Connectors

Micro-Miniature Coaxial Connectors (MMCX) are compact in sizes, and easy to use, which are widely used in small communication and network equipment to connect radio frequency coaxial cable, especially the equipment has small volume and light weight requirements
  • DreamLNK/骏晔

  • 50Ω

  • DL-MMCX-KE-180

  • 0~6G

  • 330V

  • 7.5 * 3.5mm


Product Description:

MMCX is the abbreviation for Micro-Miniature Coaxial Connectors, it is a kind of radio frequency coaxial connector. It mainly consists of outer conductor, insulator, center pin, nut housing, buckle, waterproof ring, dust cap and other parts, each of which has its own function.

The outer conductor of MMCX Connector mainly acts as ground shield, which is very common in daily life. The material of the outer conductor is normally brass, but if there is a requirement of docking mode (e.g.: many times pull and push), it may use copper or phosphor bronze.

The electroplating layer is generally gold-plated, ternary alloy or nickel-plated, but it cannot be nickel-plated when the Third-order Intercept occurs. The outer conductor is exquisite in its design with the center pin. In order to meet the requirements of torsion and axial thrust, attention should be paid to the design of upside-down hooks, rollers and necking.


1. Improve production process

MMCX Connector can greatly simplify the production and assembly process.

2. Easy to maintain

If an electronic component fails, it can be replaced quickly when a MMCX connector was used.

3. Easy to upgrade

As technology advances, components with MMCX connectors can be updated in time (replace the old one directly).

4. Higher design flexibility

MMCX Connectors give engineers greater flexibility in designing and integrating new products, as well as flexibility for assembling systems with components.

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DL-MMCX-KE-180 Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

Model No.



 brass with gold-plated surface

MMCX-KE female bend head (180 degrees)

Electrical Characteristics


50 Ohm

Insulation Resistance

1000 Mohm

Working Frequency

0-6 GHz

Contact Resistance

Center contact: 3 Mohm



External contact

≤2 Mohm

Working Voltage

750V/ Max

Operating Temperature Range

 -55°C ~ +125°C




Low Frequency Applications:

Animal husbandry management system; Anti-theft of automobiles, Keyless Entry System; Marathon running system; Smart parking and vehicle management system; Automatic refueling system; Smart hotel system; Access control and safety management system.

High frequency applications:

Book management system; Liquefied gas cylinders; Garment production line, Logistics system; Water/Gas/Electricity meters; Access control system; Medical logistics system; Intelligent shelves.

Generally speaking, the electrical parameters of MMCX connector mainly include impedance, frequency, voltage standing wave ratio and interpolation loss, etc


1. Characteristic Impedance

Based on the transmission line theory, the conductor of a parallel line is set to be uniform and infinite in length, and is ultimately determined to be 50Ω and 75Ω by the formula, which is called characteristic or specific impedance.


2. Frequency

Refers to the number of line model oscillations per unit time, unit in Hz, usually expressed in F.


3. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) is defined as the ratio between transmitted and reflected voltage standing waves in a radio frequency (RF) electrical transmission system. It is a measure of how efficiently RF power is transmitted from the power source, through a transmission line, and into the load.


At the load side, the extent to which the incident voltage can be reflected is called the reflection coefficient. The reflection coefficient is the ratio of the reflected voltage to the incident voltage