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2.4G High Power RF Transceiver Module for Aeromodelling Use

2.4G High Power RF Transceiver Module for Aeromodelling Use
  • DL-297LPA

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • CC2500

  • -30~1dBm

  • 2.3~3.3V

  • -89dBm

  • 100m

  • 17.6*12*2mm


2.4G High Power RF Transceiver Module for Aeromodelling Use

Module introduction

DL-297LPA is a single-chip wireless transceiver module which works in ISM band of 2.400 ~ 2.483ghz. The module integrates RF transceiver, frequency generator, crystal oscillator, modem and otherfunctional modules, which supports “one to many” networking and communication mode of ACK.Transmission output power, working channel and communication data rate can be configured.

This module is a low cost 2.4G RF module with low power consumption, 2μ sleep current, and very few components, it has a compact size but excellent performance, easy to use. Its transmitting power is up to 20dbm, with strong anti-interference performance, high near channel rejection of the receiving filter,and good receiver selectivity.

The module adopts single chip architecture, high-precision crystal, high Q-value Murata inductor and small volume high-capacity filter capacitor. SMD components are used in the whole system, and the interface adopts stamp edge packaging form with standard spacing, which is conducive to the development of compact system and the application of SMD mass production.


● Aero-model 

● RFID(Active Tag) 

● Wireless mouse and keyboard

● Remote control toy 

● Remote control of TV / Set-top box

● Wireless game handle 

● Smart home & Security system


● GFSK communication mode;

● Low power consumption, sleep current @ 2μA;

● Working frequency: 2400-2483Mhz;

● Working voltage: 2.3V-3.3V;

● SPI interface communication, the maximum interface speed is 4Mbps;

● Maximum transmitting power can reach 20dbm, and the receiving sensitivity can reach - 103dbm;

● Support the maximum data length of 32 bytes (two-level FIFO) or 64 bytes (single level FIFO);

● Support RSSI detection function;

● Support automatic response and automatic retransmission;

● With automatic scrambling code and CRC verification function

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DL-297LPA Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Voltage 2.2 3.3 V

Operating current

RX <20mA TX=120mA@22dbm mA

Stand-by current

<2uA uA
Storage temperature -40 +125
Operating temperature -40 +85

Radio frequency characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, temperature 25 ℃, VCC 3.3V)

No Parameter

Reference Value


1 Applied Frequency Range 2400,—,2483.5 MHz
2 Frequency Interval —,100K,— Hz
3 Transmit Power -30,—,22 dBm

Receiving sensitivity

—,-103,— dBm
5 Modulation GFSK,2-FSK,OOK MSK
6 Transmission rate 250,—,2000 Kbps
7 Communication distance 500,600,650 M
8 Standby Power Consumption —,—,0.9 uA
9 Crystal Precision —,10,— PPM

Pin Definitions


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 VDD Power Supply: 3V
2 GND Grounding, common ground with the system
3 CE Mode chip selection signal
4 CSN SPI chip select signals
5 SCK SPI Clock signals
6 MISI SPI data input, MOSI
7 MOSO SPI data output, MISO
8 IRQ Interrupt signal



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