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4G Rubber Rod Antenna W2

4G Rubber Rod Antenna with High Gain (2 dBi)
  • 50Ω

  • DL-W2-4G

  • 135/46MHz

  • 5dBi

  • 1W

  • N/M

  • -40 ~ +85℃

  • 194.2*13mm


4G Rubber Rod  Antenna with High Gain (5 dBi)

Antenna introduction:

W2 rubber rod antenna is in the 4G frequency band, and can be adjusted for 433/ 315/ 470/ 868/ 915MHz/ GSM/ CDMA/ GPRS/ 2G/ 2.4G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5.8G  use, please contact us for more details, if you need to do any customization. The current connector uses SMA pure copper with gold-plated, with upmarket appearance, strong mechanical sense, and high gain 5dBi, while the daily output of this antenna can reach 5K sets. We can customize the packaging, antenna size, as well as design style according to your requirements, welcome to inquire!

Fixed straight head, fixed elbow and bendable design, suitable for wireless LAN, wireless video, smart home, smart city, intelligent agriculture, wireless router, wireless meter reading, MID, DVB, digital TV, wireless camera, smart grid, Internet of Vehicles , wireless industrial control and monitoring , ZigBee technology wireless field , Internet of Things sectors ,  Wireless data transmission , etc. It has the advantages of wide frequency bandwidth , small standing wave ratio and good consistency.

Antenna characteristics:

● High gain

● Strong compatibility

● Good stability

Application field:

 Smart Express Cabinet

 Security alarm

 Smart buildings, smart buildings

 Smart home

 Power monitoring

 Smart Industry

 Traffic monitoring equipment

 Smart Agriculture

Temperature and humidity monitor


 Medical automation

 Wireless module

Electrical test report:

V.S.W.RMaximum S.W.R 1.92: 1
Return loss-10dB
Linear polarizationvertical
Operating temperature-10 ~ 60 ° C
Storage temperature-40 ~ +85℃