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FSK/GFSK Wireless Transceiver Module with Swiss AXSEM AX5043 Chip

DL-RTA5043 is a 50mW narrowband (centralized power) wireless data transmission module based on AX5043 RF chip from Swiss AXSEM. It works in 433.92MHz ISM band and uses SPI port for data transmission
  • DL-RTA5043

  • 433M

  • Swiss AXSEM AX5043

  • -10~18dBm

  • 1.8~3.6V

  • -126dBm

  • 2100m

  • 19.8*16*2


High-performance FSK Transceiver Module with Swiss AXSEM AX5043 chip

DL-RTA5043 is a 50mW narrowband (centralized power) wireless data transmission module based on AX5043 RF chip from Swiss AXSEM. It works in 433.92MHz ISM band and uses SPI port for data transmission, which reduces the cost budget for wireless applications.Narrow-band transmission has the advantages of concentrated power density, long transmission distance and strong anti-jamming ability, and greatly increases transmission distance compared with other similar products at the same power. The module can configure FEC forward error correction algorithm, which has high encoding efficiency and strong error correction ability. It can actively correct the jammed packets in case of sudden interference, greatly improving the reliability and transmission distance.

This RF module has data encryption and compression capabilities. The transmit data in the air is random but with rigorous encryption and decryption, which makes data interception meaningless.The data compression function has the probability to reduce the transmission time, reduce the probability of interference, and improve the reliability and transmission efficiency. The module can operate in the low voltage range of 1.8-3.6V to meet the needs of battery power supply. The module communicates with MCU via SPI port, can simulate SPI interface through standard SPI interface or I/O interface of MCU, consumes only tens of microamperes of current in power saving mode, and is very suitable for ultra-low power system and sensor application.


● Transmission distance: 2100m

● Multiple baud rates can be configured at will

● Receiving Sensitivity: -126dBm

● Low Receive Power Consumption (Minimum 30uA)

● Control the output power through MCU

● Sleeping current only 1.7uA

● Wake on radio function

● 256 channels frequency: 433.92M, 470M, etc.

● Double 512Bytes Ring Buffer

● Multiple power levels (maximum 50mW)

● Encryption algorithm + FEC error correction function

● Configurable 65536 address (easy to group)

● Supports voltage reading


● Wireless meter reading 

● Wireless Sensing

● Intelligent Home 

● Industrial Remote Control,Telemetry

● Intelligent Building 

● High Tension Line Monitoring

● Environmental Monitoring 

● Highway

● Small weather stations 

● Automatic Data Acquisition

● Consumer Electronics 

● Street light control

● Other wireless transmission applications

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DL-RTA5043 Specification V1.1 do

Technical Parameter

No Name Parameter values
1 Module size  16 * 19.8mm(Antenna excluded)
2 Place of origin All imported components, origin from Japan, USA, Germany
3 Production process

SMT, wireless products must adopt SMT to ensure batch consistency

and reliability

4 Interface type

1*11*1.27mm,Universal board and DuPont wire can be used (1.27mm

standard pin, pay attention to welding short circuit)

5 Frequency range 425 - 510MHz (433.92MHz is recommended)
6 Power Supply  1.8 – 3.6VDC
7 Communication level 

Max. 3.6V, it is suggested that the difference between supply voltage

should be less than 0.3V to reduce power consumption

8 Measured distance

about 2100m (Test conditions: clear, open, maximum power, antenna

gain 5dBi, height greater than 2m, 1.2k AIUR)

9 Transmit power

Max. 17dBm (about 50mW) ,-10dBm~18dBm adjustable,0.5dB

Stepping,the output is 17dbm as default


Air Interface User Rate

1.2、2.4、4.8、9.6、19.2、38.4、50、70Kbps can be configured arbitrarily,

better RF performance above 50kbps

11 Sleep current  50nA Deep sleep current,500nA Power-down current
12 Transmission current 55mA@50mW
13 Receiving current RX 9.5mA@868MHz; RX 6.5mA@169MHz
14 Communication port SPI port, baud rate is configurable from 1200 - 115200 arbitrarily
15 Driving Mode SPI interface
16 Module address

65536 addresses can be configured (convenient for networking,

supporting broadcast and fixed-point transmission)

17 RSSI support Built in intelligent processing
18 Receive sensitivity

-126dbm@1.2Kbps (receiving sensitivity has nothing to do with serial baud rate and delay time)

19 Antenna  SMA Antenna / Spring Antenna
20 Working temperature -40 ~ +85℃
21 Working humidity 10% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
22 Storage temperature -40 ~ +125℃

Pins Definition


Pin Name I/O Description


Grounding, common ground with the system



Standard data input and output interface, can be configured as standard IO port



Wireless mode: clock output, can be configured as standard IO port for use



Default reference frequency output, can be configured as standard IO, internal 56K Ω pull-up resistance




Serial peripheral interface select pin



DI/OSerial peripheral interface data output


DI/OSerial peripheral interface data input



Default to transmit and receive external interrupt, configurable standard IO, internal 65K Ω pull-up resistor




Diversity antenna output selection, can be configured as standard IO, internal 65K Ω pull-up resistance



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