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High-performance FSK 868MHz Wireless Transmitter Module cmt2119

This DL-TXC2119A/B is a high performance, 868 MHz single-chip (G)FSK/OOK transmitter, which includes a complete line of transmitters, receivers and transceivers.
  • DreamLNK/骏晔
  • DL-TXC2119A
  • 868Mhz
  • cmt2119
  • -20~20dBm
  • 1.8~3.6V
  • 600m
  • 15*12.5*2mm

High-performance FSK Wireless Receiver Module with cmt2119 chip

Module introduction

The DL-TXC2119A/B is a high performance, highly flexible, low-cost, single-chip (G)FSK/OOK transmitter, 868 MHz, which includes a complete line of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. The DL-TXC2119A/B provides the simplest way to control the data transmission. The transmission is started when an effective level turnover is detected on the DATA pin, while the transmission action will stop after the DATA pin holding level low for a defined time window, or after a two-wire interface (TWI) command is issued. The chip features can be configured in two different ways: setting the configuration registers through the TWI, or programming the embedded RFPDK. 

The device operates from a supply voltage of 1.8 V to 3.6 V, consumes 27.6 mA (FSK @ 868.35 MHz) when transmitting +10 dBm output power, and only leak 20 nA when it is in sleep state.

DL-TXC2119A/B transmitter together with the DL-RXC2219A/B receiver enables a powerful RF link.


● Embedded EEPROM, FCC/ETSI Compliant, RoHS Compliant

● Very Easy Development with RFPDK. All Features Programmable

● Frequency: 868 MHz FSK, GFSK and OOK Demodulation Symbol Rate: 

0.5 to 100 ksps (FSK/GFSK)

 to 30 ksps (OOK)

● Deviation: 1.0 to 200 kHz

● Two-wire Interface for Registers Accessing & EEPROM Programming

● Output Power: -10 to +13 dBm 

● Supply Voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V

● Sleep Current: < 20 nA

● Module Size: 12.0*15.0*3.0mm


● Low-Cost Consumer Electronics Applications

● Home and Building Automation

● Infrared Receiver Replacements

● Industrial Monitoring and Controls

● Remote Automated Meter Reading

● Remote Lighting Control System

● Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

● Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

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DL-TXC2119 Specification V1.1 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max.  Unit
Operation Voltage Supply 1.8  3.6  V
Supply Voltage Slew Rate
1 mV/us
Supply Voltage Vss-0.3 Vdd+3.6 V
Working temperature -40  85

Pins Definition


Pin Name Description I/O
1 ANT Transmitter RF Output I
2 GND Ground I

Power Supply 1.8V to 3.6V




Data input to be transmitted or

Data pin to access the embedded EEPROM


Clock pin to access the embedded EEPROM

7 GND Ground I
8 ANT1  NC ---



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