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High Performance 2.4G Transceiver Module LT8900

2.4G RF Transceiver Module Based on LT8900 Chip Design
  • DL-24LT

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • LT8900

  • -17~6dBm

  • 1.8~3.6V

  • -89dBm

  • 100m

  • 15.2* 12*2mm


2.4G Transceiver Module Based on LT8900 Chip Design

Module introduction

Designed base on LT8900 wireless transceiver chip, DL-24LT is a compact, cost-effective, long-range RF transceiver module. This 2.4G module is widely used in the fields of smart home, toy model airplane and near range digital transmission control. The maximum transmitting power is 6dBm. The receiver adopts Low-IF Architecture, the receiving sensitivity can reach -87dbm, and the highest transmission rate can reach 1Mbps.

This 2.4GHz RF Module has integrated all radiofrequency related functions, and users can easily develop wireless products with stable performance and high reliability directly, which will extremely shorten the development cycle without in-depth understanding of RF circuit design SMD and DIP interface modes are adopted, but manual welding is required due to different thermal expansion coefficient of the black glue and the binding wire inside. Small module size makes it easy to use in portable products. And it can well meet the requirements of low-power system by combining with low-power MCU.


● Wireless Toy Controller

● Wireless keyboard, Mouse

● Wireless networking

● Intelligent home control

● Industrial and commercial close range communications

● IP phone, cordless phone

● Communication between machines


● Support frequency hopping

● Supports SPI and I2C interfaces

● Built-in auto_ACK function

● Data rate 1Mbps

● Low power consumption

● Support signal energy detection

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DL-24LT Specification V1.0 do

Technical Parameter

DC characteristics

Description Min. Max. Unit
Power supply voltage 1.8 3.6 V

Working current

RX <17mA TX=18mA@2dbm mA

Stand-by current

<1uA uA
Voltage of IO Port Vss-0.3 Vdd+0.3 V
Working temperature -20 +75

Radio frequency characteristics (Unless otherwise stated, temperature 25 ℃, VCC 3.3V)

No Parameter

Reference Value


1 Applied Frequency Range 2400,—,2483.5 MHz
2 Frequency Interval —,100K,— Hz
3 Transmit Power -17,—,6 dBm

Reception sensitivity

—,-87,— dBm
5 Modulation mode GFSK,2-FSK,OOK MSK
6 Transmission speed 1.2,—,500 Kbps
7 Harmonic power -48,—,-45 dBm
8 Communication Distance 80,—,100 M
9 Sensitivity at 2.4K —,-80,— dBm
10 OOK Modulation mode, Rate —,,100 Kbps
11 Standby Power Consumption —,—,0.9 MHz
12 Crystal Precision *3225/2*6  —,10, PPM

Pin Definitions


Pin No Pin’s Name Description
1 GND Grounding, common ground with the system
2 VDD Power Supply, DC 1.8-3.6V
3 RST When RST_n is low, the chip will be turned off, the current <1uA, and the value of digital part will also be lost. If you want to keep the value of the digital register, you can enter sleep mode. When RST_ n is high, the chip will be turned on and the register will return to the reset value
4 SS SPI: enable SPI signal,

low level validity; or shift chip into sleep mode

I2C: set the chip into sleep mode

5 CLK Internal clock output
6 MOSI SPI data input, MOSI
7 MISO SPI data output, MISO
8 PKT Transmit/Receive status support bit



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