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ASK Window Alarm Sensor

Door sensor is a safety alarm device, which is used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, have been opened or moved illegally.
  • S-D101-A

  • 433/315 MHz

  • 1527 Learning Code

  • -

  • DC 3V

  • -

  • <100m

  • 48*71*18mm


S-D101-A Infrared Sensor


Working Status

LED Flashes once:

Door or window is opened, and the transmitter sends signal tothe control panel.

LED indicator flashes one time every 4 seconds:

Low battery, please replace the battery.


Power Supply DC 1.5V Wireless Transmit Distance <100 m (in open area)
Standby Current <20uA Wireless RF Frequency ASK 433MHz
Alarm Current <50mA Temperature/Humidity 10-55/<80% 


Installation & Test

1. Open the case and remove the battery protection strip.

2. Sensor can be installed on door or window that open and close.Make sure the installed position have been already cleaned.

3. Remove the paper strip of the double -sided tape on the back oftransmitter and magnet. Carefully mount the transmitter on thedoor frame and the magnet on the door.

4. Keep LED Indication Light at the right direction. Make sure themagnet is on the right of the transmitter.

5. Place the transmitter in the desired location, mount the magnetno more than 1cm away from the transmitter.

6. Avoid mounting sensors in areas with a large quantity of metaland electric wiring.


The door sensor is set in Normal Zone as default. It will cause onimmediate alarm if the magnet depart from the transmitter morethan 1. 5cm in arming state.

Download Center

S-D101-A Specification V1.0 do


Typical application

Wireless Remote Control System; Wireless Alarm & Security Control System; Intelligent Control System, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Appliance Control, Building and Residential (smart home) Control, Access control, Remote sensing and telemetry, Security alarm devices, Industrial control, Motor switching control, Lighting control, Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology


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