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Wireless Smart Doorbell

Wireless Smart Doorbell with Several Melodys Can be Selected
  • H01

  • 433/315 MHz

  • 1527 Learning Code

  • 100~250V

  • 280m

  • 82*82*43mm


H01 Wireless Doorbell for Home Automation 



Voltage  AC90~260V Frequency  433MHz 
Output Power  0.15W  Standby Power  ≤10mW
Sensitivity  -112dbm Volume  Up to 100db 

Installing Plug-in Chime 

Plug into any regular household socket. 

( Please tear metal strip protective film off before using). 

1. Melody Selection

This Chime provides more than 50 pieces of music (it’s up to the Plug-in Chime you bought). When it is plugged in, press the music select button to choose desired music or press forwards to play previous music and backwards to play next music until γou hear a chime you Iike. (If you want the Chime to remember selected music, please refer to below point 5~6 if anγ expanded units exist). 

2. Sound Volume Selection

Press the volume control repeatedly until the desired volume is achieved - 5 levels are available as a circle, lowest level is mute.

3. Pairing with your Wi-Fi video doorbell

Press and hold Volume button for 4 seconds until the LED indicator lights up, Wi-Fi enters into pairing status. Then press the button on the Wi-Fi video doorbell within 5 seconds, pairing is completed once LED indicator on the Chime is flashing. When above procedure is finished, pairing is quit automatically. 

4. Two or above Wi-Fi video doorbells pairing with the Same Music or Same Chime Unit

Choose one favorite music by pressing music select button, then long press Volume button for 4 seconds to enter pairing status. Press the Wi-Fi video doorbell within 5 seconds to get 

connection, once LED indicator on Chime is flashing, pairing is completed. Repeat this operation to get other required Wi-Fi video doorbell connected with same music or same Chime unit. When above procedure is finished, quits automatically. 

5. Two or above Wi-Fi video doorbells Pairing with different Music 

Choose one favorite melody first, long press 4 seconds on Volume button to enter pairing status, then press the first Wi-Fi video doorbell to pair.Press music select button to change melody and pair witl1 different Wi-Fi video doorbell one by one. When above procedure is finished, pairing is quit automatically. 

6. Two or above Chimes Unit Pairing with Same 

Wi-Fi video doorbell

Long press Volume button on first Chime Unit for 4 seconds to enter pairing status, press the Wi-Fi video doorbell within 5 seconds to get connection. Repeat above operation to pair Wi-Fi video doorbell with required Chime Unit one by one. 

7. AII Pairing Memory Clearance

Press and hold Volume button until plug into household socket for 5~10 seconds to erase arll pairing memory, when Plug-in Chime LED indi.cator long light up that means setting successfully, thus program returns to default. 

Download Center

H01 Specification V1.0 do

Typical application

Wireless Alarm & Security Control System, Smart Home, Home Automation, Building and Residential (smart home) Control, Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology


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