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2.4Ghz Copper Tube Antenna (78mm)

2.4Ghz Copper Tube Antenna with 78.6mm Length
  • 50Ω

  • DL-T24

  • 2.4G-2.5Ghz

  • N/M

  • N/M

  • -40 ~ +85℃

  • 78.6mm


2.4Ghz Copper Tube Antenna with 78.6mm Length

Antenna introduction:

Use pure copper SMA anti-oxidation connector with anti-interference magnetic ring (connector can be customized)

It can be installed to a better signal receiving position through an extension cable. The specifications of the wire and connector can be flexibly selected. The fixing method is magnetic suction / adhesive / vacuum suction / screw buckle.

It is widely used in smart PDA, wireless POS machine, smart home, wireless Router, wireless meter reading, MID, DVB digital TV, wireless camera, smart grid, vehicle, wireless industrial control and monitoring, ZIGBEE technology wireless field, Internet of things field, wireless data transmission, wireless broadcast TV, etc.

Antenna characteristics:

● High gain

● Strong compati bility

● Good stability

Download Center

DL-TG24/DL-TG24S Specification V1.0 do

Application field:

 Smart Express Cabinet

 Security alarm

 Smart buildings, smart buildings

 Smart home

 Power monitoring

 Smart Industry

 Traffic monitoring equipment

 Smart Agriculture

Temperature and humidity monitor


 Medical automation

 Wireless module

Electrical test report:

Dimension  78.6mm


Frequency 2400~2500MHz