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868Mhz ASK Wireless Receiver Module DL-RXS868R

DL-RXS868R is an 868Mhz RF receiver module. This Wireless Module adopts industrial grade RF receiving chip, which has high receiving sensitivity, and strong anti-interference ability.
  • DL-RXS868R

  • 868MHz

  • RF Receiver

  • 12mA

  • 3.6~5.5V

  • -108dBm

  • 300m

  • 30*11*5.1mm


868Mhz ASK Modulation Superheterodyne RF Receiver Module

DL-RXS868R is an ISM band high performance superheterodyne RF receiver module. This Wireless Module adopts industrial grade RF receiving chip, which has high receiving sensitivity, and very strong anti-interference ability.

It can realize wireless signal input to digital signal output without any external circuit. The user only needs to add a simple data decoding circuit (Contains dedicated decoding chips such as PT2272 or MCU software decoding), to achieve the RF product development easily.

This RF receiving module has a digital signal output, the RF and IF tuning is automatically completed inside the chip. Therefore, the debugging process in the development is greatly saved, which can reduce your R&D cost, and enhanced competitiveness of your product.


● Complete monolithic UHF receiver, frequency range 450-950MHz;

● Receive sensitivity: - 108dBm 

● Operating frequency: 868.35MHz;

● Transmission rate: automatically tuned at 10 kbps (FIXED);

● No need for manual adjustment, no need for external filters and inductors;

● Power supply (voltage input) range: 3.6~5.5V;

● Low power consumption: 12mA @ 868.35Mhz, 

● Standby current under sleep mode is less than 0.1mA;

● Good selectivity and stray radiation suppression, easy to pass CE/FCC test;

● Good local radiation suppression, can work together with multiple receiving modules (namely “One to Many”), and will not interfere with each other when used together, no effect to the receiving distance;

● Temperature range: -40~85 C, can work even at harsh ambient temperatures.

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868Mhz ASK Wireless Receiver Module DL-RXS868R do

Technical Parameter

RF characteristics (under the Power supply of 5V, Ta = 25 ℃, frequency 315MHz test conditions)

No Characteristics

Reference Value

Min.   Typ.   Max.

1 Frequency range 450,868.35,950 MHz
2 Modulation mode ASK
3 Receiving sensitivity -108 dBm
4 10:1 duty ratio 250 uA
5 Working voltage 3.6, 5.0 ,5.5 V
6 Receiving current 12 mA
7 Standby current 1 uA
8 Data baud rate 1.25, 2.5, 10 kbps
9 Communication distance  — , — , 300 M
10 Working temperature -40 , — , 85

Pin Definitions

RXS868R Wireless Receiver Module

The DL-RXS868R module has 7 pins, which are defined in the following table







Antenna input, Frequency shielding cables need to be connected to PIN2

5, 6


Data output, communicate with decoding unit



Power supply, DC 5V is recommended


2, 7


Grounding, common ground with the MCU



R1 is enabled by low level, CE is effective when “R2 = 0R”

NC as defaulted

Product Size:

RXS868R RF Receiver Module

Typical application

Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless Data Communication, Wireless Data Monitoring and Transmission, Wireless Sensoring; Wireless Remote Control System; Wireless remote control for electronic consumer products; Wireless Alarm & Security Control System; Wireless Sensor Networking, Automatic Data Collection; Industrial Remote Control, Intelligent Control System, Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Appliance Control, Building and Residential Control, Smart City, Logistics Tracking, RFID (radio frequency identification); Telemetry, Automatic Meter Reading system (Water, Electricity, Gas); Remote control that supports radio frequency (RF) technology

RF module applications

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